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Odus Lore and Updates

1) Odus lore! - Zounds, the treachery.

2) Sentinel's Fate dungeons - Color coded. The Hole is geared for groups of 2-4 players!

3) Transmuting revamp and new adornments.

4) Consolidated persona window.

5) Changes to primary stats - This is so old school. Very simplified.

6) Erollisi Day - Happening now. The new quest involves a spelunk through Nektropos and involves the backstabbing statue of Ulkorruuk. From the lore boards:

    "Ullkoruuk: Lady of Insurrection

    Residing in the Plane of Hate, Ullkoruuk was once a paladin of Erollisi. For reasons unknown, she abandoned her station in Erollisi Marr's elite guard, and betratyed her goddess, becoming a minion of hate, forsaking her real name in the process, and taking up the mantle of Ullkoruuk, the Archtraitor. Her followers are mostly traitors who have dissented from the ranks of an organization or nation in order to strike back at those who they now hate for some deep-seated reason. Her armor is similar to that she wore as a paladin of Erollisi, but now is dark, and treacherous to behold, mirroring the vile, traitorous heart in her bosom. As she is allied with Innoruuk, she is, of course, evil, though often her followers, if not traitors, are those seeking vengeance against the organization that has cast them aside."

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