so Zen it's sick (aquaviann) wrote in jagged_dream,
so Zen it's sick

Vasty Deep: The Abandoned Labs

See the preview here.

    "The erudites do things in the pursuit of knowledge that other races would balk at, be it necromancy studies conducted by the Heretics of Paineel or otherwise. Erudites are not inherently good or evil; they look at the world in a way that is different from most other races. For the erudites, knowledge truly is power and they may do things that others find good or evil to gain the knowledge they seek."

Also, this:

    "Players will meet refugees that are aware of what happened in the Abandoned Labs and they may want help from the player. The Erudin refugees do not want their Paineel brethren to find the Abandoned Labs, of that I am certain.

A creature in a capsule, eh? Looks a bit like the Magitek Research Facility to me.

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