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The Vasty Deep

The Vasty Deep - Further evidence that they're using this expansion to fill in the missing parts from previous lore.

From the previous link:

    How does this zone progress the overall story of Odus and what happened to its inhabitants?

    The magical waters of Vasty Deep, being just east of Erudin, quickly got the attention of the Erudites and they built a citadel there so that they could run magical and arcane experiments using the water. The first level, the Conservatory, was dedicated to experimenting on plants. The second level down, which is now the Abandoned Labs, was devoted to experimenting on animals and other beings. The third and final level down was the temple proper, as Vasty Deep was built during the time when the Erudites still believed in the gods. To find out what has happened since, you’ll just have to venture into the dungeons for yourselves.

From the EQ1 quest, Vasty Deep Water:

    Nolusia Finharn says 'Flynn Merrington talked my brother into stealing waters from the [Vasty Deep] and selling them to any buyers they could find. The waters from the Vasty Deep are sacred. That is why they started their [business].'

    You say, 'What Vasty Deep?'

    Nolusia Finharn says 'The Vasty Deep waters are said to be magical. Of course this is rumor, but it does not stop magic users from all over Norrath from trying to obtain some of the waters.'

Water from the Vasty Deep was used to make Erud's Tonic, as explained below. I hope they incorporate that into the EQ2 incarnation.

    You say, 'What about Vasty Deep Water?'

    Geoard BlueHawk says 'The Vasty Deep is a lake located on Odus. It contains the purest water in Norrath. Some say it is magical in nature. The High Council does not allow it to be taken by outsiders and those who try are usually converted to chum for the sharks.'

Also, holy graphical overload, Batman. I'm going to have to get crackin' on that graphics card replacement shopping. Mine is straight out of 2005. This is my new desktop background. I hope I can find a graphics card that makes it look half that good ingame without lagging me into oblivion.

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