Odus Lore and Updates

1) Odus lore! - Zounds, the treachery.

2) Sentinel's Fate dungeons - Color coded. The Hole is geared for groups of 2-4 players!

3) Transmuting revamp and new adornments.

4) Consolidated persona window.

5) Changes to primary stats - This is so old school. Very simplified.

6) Erollisi Day - Happening now. The new quest involves a spelunk through Nektropos and involves the backstabbing statue of Ulkorruuk. From the lore boards:

    "Ullkoruuk: Lady of Insurrection

    Residing in the Plane of Hate, Ullkoruuk was once a paladin of Erollisi. For reasons unknown, she abandoned her station in Erollisi Marr's elite guard, and betratyed her goddess, becoming a minion of hate, forsaking her real name in the process, and taking up the mantle of Ullkoruuk, the Archtraitor. Her followers are mostly traitors who have dissented from the ranks of an organization or nation in order to strike back at those who they now hate for some deep-seated reason. Her armor is similar to that she wore as a paladin of Erollisi, but now is dark, and treacherous to behold, mirroring the vile, traitorous heart in her bosom. As she is allied with Innoruuk, she is, of course, evil, though often her followers, if not traitors, are those seeking vengeance against the organization that has cast them aside."
scorpion key

Vasty Deep: The Abandoned Labs

See the preview here.

    "The erudites do things in the pursuit of knowledge that other races would balk at, be it necromancy studies conducted by the Heretics of Paineel or otherwise. Erudites are not inherently good or evil; they look at the world in a way that is different from most other races. For the erudites, knowledge truly is power and they may do things that others find good or evil to gain the knowledge they seek."

Also, this:

    "Players will meet refugees that are aware of what happened in the Abandoned Labs and they may want help from the player. The Erudin refugees do not want their Paineel brethren to find the Abandoned Labs, of that I am certain.

A creature in a capsule, eh? Looks a bit like the Magitek Research Facility to me.

The Vasty Deep

The Vasty Deep - Further evidence that they're using this expansion to fill in the missing parts from previous lore.

From the previous link:

    How does this zone progress the overall story of Odus and what happened to its inhabitants?

    The magical waters of Vasty Deep, being just east of Erudin, quickly got the attention of the Erudites and they built a citadel there so that they could run magical and arcane experiments using the water. The first level, the Conservatory, was dedicated to experimenting on plants. The second level down, which is now the Abandoned Labs, was devoted to experimenting on animals and other beings. The third and final level down was the temple proper, as Vasty Deep was built during the time when the Erudites still believed in the gods. To find out what has happened since, you’ll just have to venture into the dungeons for yourselves.

From the EQ1 quest, Vasty Deep Water:

    Nolusia Finharn says 'Flynn Merrington talked my brother into stealing waters from the [Vasty Deep] and selling them to any buyers they could find. The waters from the Vasty Deep are sacred. That is why they started their [business].'

    You say, 'What Vasty Deep?'

    Nolusia Finharn says 'The Vasty Deep waters are said to be magical. Of course this is rumor, but it does not stop magic users from all over Norrath from trying to obtain some of the waters.'

Water from the Vasty Deep was used to make Erud's Tonic, as explained below. I hope they incorporate that into the EQ2 incarnation.

    You say, 'What about Vasty Deep Water?'

    Geoard BlueHawk says 'The Vasty Deep is a lake located on Odus. It contains the purest water in Norrath. Some say it is magical in nature. The High Council does not allow it to be taken by outsiders and those who try are usually converted to chum for the sharks.'

Also, holy graphical overload, Batman. I'm going to have to get crackin' on that graphics card replacement shopping. Mine is straight out of 2005. This is my new desktop background. I hope I can find a graphics card that makes it look half that good ingame without lagging me into oblivion.

More SF Previews

1. Stonebrunt Highlands - The Erudin's Gardens area sounds most intriguing to me.

2. The Hole - According to the article, this zone "should be 2-4 person groupable." - YESSS!!!

Okay, this states that the area contains what used to be Old Paineel, as was mentioned in EQ1. New Paineel (the actual city from EQ1) is the city portion that will be present and active in EQ2.

So as far as I can tell, both Erudin and New Paineel were abandoned for a while in favor of Quel'ule (mentioned in link #1 of this post). Quel'ule was halved by a giant wall which kept the city in two parts, one for the worshipers of Quellious and the other good gods, and worshipers of Cazic Thule. At some point, the two factions of Erudites abandoned their gods (presumably because the gods were absent from Norrath for so long...we've only recently seen their return) and returned to New Paineel as one population. In spite of their turn from the gods, it still sounds like the Erudites, in their current city of New Paineel, are split by good and evil. I'm really curious to see how this is handled ingame.

Lore Links

1. A preview of the Sundered Frontier - Among other things, holy crap, Paineel and Erudin residents in one city? That's interesting...

2. An excellent recap of recent lore - I feel pretty cool having participated in some of these events.

3. Odus disappearing? - A forumite speculates that Odus might be getting sucked into the Void.

Also, some ingame lore resources:

4.The Athenaeum.

5. Lore of Norrath.

6. And of course the official lore message board itself.

Events, Events, Events

A ton of events are happening or will be happening soon in EQ2. Some of them are seasonal and lore-based, and a few are even leading up to the expansion, Sentinel's Fate, which will be set in Odus!

Update 54 - This went live December 9. Conspiracies in Qeynos, Lucan missing, and Freeport goes boom. Also, like 200 bug fixes. West Freeport is a disater area, and it's awesome. This event will be ongoing until Update 55 in February (Halas!).

Moonlight Enchantments - These happen in 5 zones on the 20th of every month. I was so busy with college that I missed a few, but I'm catching up now. There are some really beautiful plant and crystal items as rewards. I bought a 5-room house in Maj'dul with Celestorm, and I'm using items from this monthly event to make it into an indoor forest.

Frostfell 2009 - This event is ingame right now and will end January 7. A lot of this is repeated content, but there's a heroic Icy Keep, and a new clockwork-related instance. I love my mini clockwork T-rex pet.

City Festivals - These will be out around January 8. From what I've read about this on the Test forums, there's some pretty nice appearance items and house items as rewards.

Sentinel's Fate - This expansion will be released in February of 2010. I've already spotted some familiar places and symbols in the screenshots. Long time no see, Kerra Isle!
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